Quickie 2: Your intro offer should NOT be for everyone

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020
⚡️Your intro offer should prequalify your ideal client and NOT be for everyone

Number 2 in quickies that’ll leave you satisfied —

Unlimited classes for a month for $5!
Lashes for new clients - 70% off!
First PT visit is $20!

And after...

Monthly membership = $250
Lashes = $150
PT visits = $120

And you’re surprised you’re hearing crickets when you go to sell them your full-price offer when they’ve finished their trial... “because it’s too expensive” and “I can’t afford to spend that much I need to find somewhere cheaper”

If there’s one thing we need to do now it’s shift our initial intro to be more in line with the price of our average offering. Yes, you’re getting an initial burst of clients in, but if they can’t afford your offering at it’s normal price, what is the point?

When I had my Pilates studio, the average client spend was $580 per 10 week term. It wouldn’t make sense to offer something like a $50 a month unlimited intro as it would be a huge jump for them to go to $580.

It also wasn’t aligned with the boutique and small nature of the studio. Our ideal customer wanted personalised, individual attention. Which is why I created...

Our ‘New Client Package’ which included a private lesson and 6 studio semi-privates OR 4 studio semi’s + 4 group mat + the private for $300 paid upfront.

It was a cost effective taste for the client. And people who are purchasing $300 (for one month of classes!) will be more likely to purchase $580 (10 weeks!)

The conversion rate sat at 80%

If you have a service based business—especially if it’s in the health and fitness realm—package your initial new client offering to be more in line with the pricing of your average offering.

Yes, you might get less people take you up on it, but I bet you a kidney the conversion rate is a lot higher!
 Peta x 

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