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You can have the best offering, but it means SFA if you don't have any customer's because you didn’t take the time to market it.

I call i
t the Kevin Costner syndrome — thinking if you build it they will come.

Many people approach their offering creation with the Field of Dreams attitude. 

As my Dad would say, the reason Kevin was a success and the people came was because it was in the script (such a Dad thing to say), but online business doesn't work like that.

And I know this, as I once had a case of the Kevins.

I had the best offering idea and got to work without priming my audience for its release. I knew my customer and I KNEW they needed it. Why do I need to build up and warm them up to something they need?

When I finally left the creation cave and launched there were... *crickets*

It took so much work to even sell one. I felt... defeated, and a little silly. And mostly like I wasted my time and online business wasn't for me.

It wasn't anything to do with me or my offering, it was my Field of Dreams attitude thinking customers would fall into my lap without a solid marketing plan.

For my second offering that was in a different niche, I decided to take the antidote for my case of the Kevins — implementing a marketing strategy.

All it took was 30 days including the launch and organically it sold over $10,000 worth. And it was the easiest $10,000 to make.

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the market your way to 10k mastermind gives you the tools to grow an engaged audience and market your offering so you have a profitable launch, every time. 

How would it feel to...

 ⚡️ Grow your customer base with the right people you love (cue MySpace top 8 worthy) and not the tyre-kickers who are after another freebie
⚡️ Feel confident — and lit the fuq up — about launching by implementing marketing strategies that feel authentic to YOU
⚡️ Do work that feels like it’s paying off in your business to move you forward to your income goals
⚡️Finally be seen as an expert in your industry and learn how to collaborate with others for speedy growth
⚡️ Have a stellar launch mapped out that has been reverse-engineered to ensure the success of your offering
⚡️ Learn and understand key metrics in business. You know exactly what you need and the numbers you need to meet your income goals — no manifesting here, it's pure strategy
⚡️Not waste your work day dicking around by throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks — you will learn the stickiest strategies, times-saving tools, and pst! get access to my bundle of scripts, calendars and more.
⚡️Be doing the work with people who are in the work. Let’s get matching tats at the end, kay?

And to do it all in a small group setting (mass accountability and support), with me as your personal cheerleader, oh, and in 90 day Mastermind?

I'm already making us a celebratory margarita.

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Your 90-day Mastermind experience is made up of —

⚡ 12 weeks of group coaching calls (90 minutes) with preplanned materials and workbooks
⚡ Interactive to-do lists — yep, you will have step-by-steps so you won't forget what to do
⚡ The content covered builds week by week. There is a marketing focus (obvs, the name!) so you'll learn strategies on planning your offering, developing strategic partnerships for audience/lead growth, lead generation activities, pitching yourself & getting in the media, growing your socials with customers who are gagging to buy your goods, writing sales pages and sales content, smashing your best launch week + more
⚡ In-between support via our Voxer group
⚡ Mass accountability — this is for people who are ready. You'll be showing up and workingggg!


Bonuses content for your launch toolkit — 

⚡ Using affiliates for your offering launch
⚡ Auditing your launch for a stellar 2.0 launch or turning it into an evergreen funnel
⚡ Using FB ads with high ROI in mind
⚡ Planning a high-converting pre-launch challenge. Includes a social media calendar and social prompts
⚡ Planning a sold out launch week. Includes a social media calendar and social prompts.


Fast action bonus —

⚡  For those who wish to say HELL YES in by December 7th for our January intake, you will also receive a free pass to Give Good Email worth $597. This course will be released at the end of January 2021.

So tell me, what's my investment? —

⚡  The investment for the Mastermind is $3500 paid in instalments or $3200 pay in full. The price is in AUD and includes GST.
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Who is Peta Serras and WTF does she do?
I could go all third person on ya, but I won't. What's up? It's me! Peta!
I love you've scrolled down this far so you must be curious or maybe you want to see how long the sales page is (don't lie, we all do it).
I work as a business growth strategist. This means I look at the girthy goals you have for your biz and create a personalised roadmap for you to get there. I do this by...
Removing the time for dollar mentality you have by helping you create scalable offer suites — because getting paid whilst you vacay is the tits. 
Helping you automate your business by adding email funnels and creating customer onboarding strategies, whilst still retaining the personal touch your clients love you for.
And topping it off with implementing sticky as fuq marketing strategies that don't come out of a box. When everyone is going right, I'll tell ya to go left — that's where the cool kids and the cash money live.
My background is writing words that make you laugh, and running an award-winning Pilates studio. So if you ever get a neck kink from sitting at the computer or need to weave in a dick joke, I am your girl.
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This part is kind of like Bumble where you need to make the first move.

Keep it short and sweet or spill your life goals at me. I like it both ways, but the important thing is taking the first step by reaching out.

There are only 8 spots in the Mastermind and last time they were snatched up fast.

Once your application is in, I will review it and be in touch to see if we are a fit to work together.

We start from January 11th. You ready?

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