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As your soon-to-be bestie, and the business growth strategist you need in your life, I’m here to tell you whatever you want to achieve is possible, and whilst we’re at it, let’s make the goal bigger!

I'm Peta and I’ve been in business for the last 12 years. It all started with a Pilates studio opened in a regional town. Our books were full without advertising, we charged a premium and always had a lengthy wait list. 

From the success of the studio, I turned my business into a brand with a tangible product, a mountain of media coverage, and being known as the go-to Pilates expert by every health mag in the country.

In 2017, I hung up my Pilates pants for good and I spend my days helping solopreneurs just like you, grow and scale their dream business.

Looking for the best way to start? 

Where could your business be with a six-month injection of massive action?

Most of our new members decide to dive in with a six-month pass. Working out less than $3.00 a day for the best biz strategy + coaching on the planet*

*voted by us, but if you ain't going to back yourself first, who will?
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The Membership is for you if you're a...

⚡️ Entrepreneur who keeps releasing $37 offerings ‘cause you’re convinced no one will pay you more than that... and they don’t 😦⁣
⚡️ Service-provider who feels blocked in packaging offerings and where to even start when it comes to sticky digital marketing strategies
⚡️ Freelancer who wants to create online offerings instead of trading time for dollars
⚡️ A bright-eyed newbie who is looking for a community who gets them and has their back and not peeps like their family who keep poo-pooing their ideas
⚡️ Thriving business owner who is an absolute bad ass in their day job and you're ready to take your goods online and start to get more customers
⚡️ BUSY person! You don’t have enough hours in the day for yourself let alone biz growth⁣
⚡️ Confused AF. There's so much out there. You get into the Google vortex, lose three hours and put everything into the 'too hard basket'. We got you babe!

The membership will help you...

⚡️ Package your expertise and charge a price you know you’re worth. Money blocks? Don't even know her

⚡️ Create and action your offerings. There won’t be dust collecting on your ideas anymore⁣

⚡️ Work efficiently with our proven methods and training to remove the guesswork⁣ by stop throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks

⚡️ Automate your business. We're all about working smart and still making bank. You will implement systems and strategies for scale, whilst still retaining the personal touch your customers love you for

⚡️ Approach your business with a 'zoomed out' mindset. You will start planning things with your future self in mind. Bandaid fixes won't be part of your business moving forward.

⚡️ Be in massive action all the time and spend your days actioning the right tasks that move the needle and help your business growth

⚡️ Implement sticky marketing strategies that don't come from a box — you will do things your own way that feel authentic to you
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What do I get when I join the membership? 

 Group coaching via Zoom each month as part of our Community Chats
No-fluff Masterclasses. It's designed for beginners, all the way up to advanced students to help you grow and scale your business. There are 30+ inside
Actionable eGuides with steps that actually make sense
Masterclasses by leading industry experts. Some of prior experts have personally worked with Gary Vee and Cat Howell
 FREE Access to my copywriting for social courseA Storyline Better Than... worth $97
 FREE Access to Idea to Profit eCourse, the program to help you decide, dream and create a profitable offering worth $197
Monthly personal development work to ensure you don't procrastinate, self-sabotage or let the head confetti bog you down
⚡ A VIP pass to our online community where no question or post goes unanswered 
Who is Peta Serras and WTF does she do?
I could go all third person on ya, but I won't. What's up? It's me! Peta!
I love you've scrolled down this far so you must be curious or maybe you want to see how long the sales page is (don't lie, we all do it).
I work as a business growth strategist. This means I look at the girthy goals you have for your biz and create a personalised roadmap for you to get there. I do this by...
Removing the time for dollar mentality you have by helping you create scalable offer suites — because getting paid whilst you vacay is the tits. 
Helping you automate your business by adding email funnels and creating customer onboarding strategies, whilst still retaining the personal touch your clients love you for.
And topping it off with implementing sticky as fuq marketing strategies that don't come out of a box. When everyone is going right, I'll tell ya to go left — that's where the cool kids and the cash money live.
My background is writing words that make you laugh, and running an award-winning Pilates studio. So if you ever get a neck kink from sitting at the computer or need to weave in a dick joke, I am your girl.
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You've got three ways to start with us —

1. Pay monthly (less than a cup of coffee a day. Keep in mind we have a six month minimum)
2. Pay for 5 months and get 1 month for free
3. Pay for 10 months and get 2 for free — Best value

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