Ready to fuq some sh!t up and grow your business?

Of course you are. I'm Peta, and I'll be your tour guide. I'm the OG Professional Babe, email marketing unicorn and a business growth & marketing strategist.

I work with entrepreneurs just like you, to help you grow and scale your dream business. Five-step formulas and frameworks don't live here, because your business strategy shouldn't come out of a box.

What does live here is expert guidance and accountability to get your business to a place you dream of. It's possible, but only if you're willing to do the work.

I work best with entrepreneurs who are wanting to get their hands dirty in pursuit of their goal. They're ready—and willing—to fail and to fall in love with the process of creation and building. Because they know when it comes to their business, there are no fuq-ups, it's all part of the creative process of building something worthwhile.

What's your email marketing dating style?

Take the quiz to work out what your style is — are you a newbie, a list neglecter, a total pro, or think it's just for newsletters? 

Take the quiz and your answer will be revealed, followed by personalised strategy you can implement today.

Giddy up, let's do this!

Wondering how we can go steady? —

If you're keen for the babe to fondle your goods, we can do this in a number of different ways.

I work with clients via my courses (Give Good Email), and bespoke strategy work in the email marketing, marketing, and business growth realm.

Wondering what I mean when I say strategy and not coaching? Let's just say I'll be the architect and give you incredible plans and a roadmap to get there. I won't build it for you, but I'll give you easy-to-implement plans laid out better than any flatpack furniture instructions. 

If you're after something specific, have a project you'd love me to consult on, or have a business and want me come and upskill your team in all things email, shoot me through an email at [email protected]

90 minute Strategy Session Give Good Email The PB Business Immersion

I know the makings of wet dreams for business owners... and it involves email.

Give Good Email is a comprehensive self-study program on all things email marketing and automation.

Dripping with strategy, you’ll level up your processes, write emails your audience is gagging to read, craft sequences that convert, and make money whilst you sleep.

Giddy up! Let's do it

Who is Peta Serras?

Peta (she/her) is a butter enthusiast, fan of a good em dash and a crude meme. She's a former Pilates Instructor who founded an award-winning studio in the Hunter Valley. Peta released an internationally selling Pilates DVD and was the health contributor for Marie Claire, MiNDFOOD, Oxygen, Woman’s Day, Mamamia, Women’s Health & Fitness and Good Health magazine. Impressive, huh?

In April 2017, Peta sold her business to focus on writing and to build her own brand that saw her getting out of activewear for good. She spends her days writing and working as a business growth and marketing strategist, and running her company, Professional Babe.



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