Bulletproof your marketing and make email your bitch

In 30 minutes each day, I'll teach you how to make email the most profitable part of your marketing stack

Join me on October 25-29th for five days of FREE training. Over the five days you'll walk away knowing:

💫 The one thing you need to do to get an increase of 760% in your email revenue

💫 How to create an engaging email marketing plan that actually works — and that's perfect for creative types who like to work in flow

💫 The easiest way to map out a high-converting automation sequence with conversions in mind

💫 What you're missing when you read the email metrics and using the numbers to help drive your strategy, sales, and results.

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"With Peta's help, my open rates in my sequences went from in the 20% range to 80%! I've also got better engagement, better segmentation and a better content strategy that I feel confident to implement."

— Carolyn Nuttall
Founder of Tribe For Life

"Having worked in email marketing for 10 years, I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what works and what doesn’t work. And then I met Peta. Her ability to craft email sequences that get absurd results is unsurpassed."

— Taria Lanham
Founder of Lanham Digital

"Working with Peta has seen my business almost triple its revenue and broaden its services offering to include email thanks to her expertise and Give Good Email. I recommend working with Peta for all things digital!"

— Sarah Cutts
Director of The Social Haus


Mark your planner. This five day email training is happening 25th - 29th Oct and only available if you register









OMG! Yasss, you're in! Give me two seconds as the next steps will be revealed…

Email unicorn or email charlatan?


What's up? I'm Peta (she/her) and I'm the founder of Professional Babe and creator of Give Good Email. I'd describe myself as a butter enthusiast, fan of an em dash, lover of a crude meme, and hopefully, your next business strategist.

I’ve been with a lot of people. Because we're friends, I’m happy to kiss and tell — Over 280 business owners have trusted me with their email sitch, so know you’re getting your growth game on with experienced hands.

My methods are sticky, humorous, and profitable, and my focus is on email marketing, funnels, digital marketing, and working with businesses to boost their profit and streamline their processes with the help of email.