The Strategy Session is a two-hour session followed by a week of Voxer/email strategy support.

Perfect for:

+ Business owners who need to sit down with someone outside of their business to bounce marketing ideas off each other

+ Mapping out an email automation together (welcome, sales, onboarding etc)

+ Creating a basic marketing plan together

+ Mapping out a new offers or package

+ Refining your messaging and your marketing

+ Strategising ways to grow your list prior to a launch

If you require a little more time, reach out to enquire about a full-day strategy session, custom marketing plan, consulting, or about the other services I offer.

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The process:

Each session is different as every client and every business is different, I don't have a framework or a model I work through, rather, I focus on the business owner in front of me with the goal of creating a strategy to bridge the gap to get them where they want to be.

Once you purchase:

You'll receive via email a link to book your session and a pre-session questionnaire. I will use my Virgo super powers to make sense of this and work out a plan of attack for our two hours together.

The session:

Bring a drink and snacks! We're going to be spending two hours working together and nutting out a stellar growth plan. You will leave with actionable steps, a clearer mind and process tailored just for you.

Post session:

You get me for a week. Want to flick me a sales page or the automation we mapped out to read? Happy to do so! Consider me a Peta in your pocket (aka a strategist you get for a week!)

book your strategy session

"Sometimes it takes someone outside of your business to see what you can't and Peta was an absolute boss.

Not only do I have a clear direction, a bigger vision and a stronger belief in myself, I also now have a have a badass business support system and person I can work with to consistently up level. That's the push I needed."


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